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) ------ rsl7 Anecdote: I teach online classes for a remote-first company. I got there last fall. This was a "by-the-book" sort of university, but not a lot of the students were over 21 or so, so it was normal for me to check email while climbing. The first few times, I'd get messages about a course where I hadn't checked any mail for a while. After a few weeks, I was taking a course in a language that didn't have any surrounding speakers. At one point, I had to solve a problem about unindent levels. It was the first time I'd ever seen the phrase "indent levels". After a few weeks, a student sent me a message, saying that she was taking another class with the same problem, but that she couldn't solve the problem because it was formatted as code, and she didn't have a language with a syntax highlighter. That got me thinking: at the very least, you should be checking your email every hour, if not more. You're not going to get much done that you need to get done, unless you're working on something urgent. ~~~ tdb7893 I always check my email once every hour when at work and once every 2 hours at home. I try to at least reply to every email I receive and I know when an email is urgent since it will have some sort of mark in it. shados I check my email every hour, to the point that I've found myself looking for email come 6pm everyday. I always have a todo list, and I usually try to check that list at least once an hour if I'm not working, and maybe if I'm working on something important. I've been doing this for years. I usually start at 7am, and finish my email at 7pm or so. EDIT: it was 6am on my phone (and I probably check it at 6pm from my desktop) I check my email maybe once an hour. Sometimes if something comes up I check the same time that I'd be checking my email regularly. I'd say I get things done with email just as much as anything else. I've actually



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Downloadwallhackpointblankdll Latest

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